Hair Regimen
I follow a very simple hair regimen. I try to do the absolute least. This has given me the best results.

  1. Shampoo
  2. Detangle - I apply my deep conditioner and finger detangle my hair. I then go over my hair with a Wet Brush to remove shed hair.
  3. Deep Condition - 20 mins 
  4. Style
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Protein - I very rarely apply a protein treatment to my hair. Some of my daily products include small amounts of protein as I do not actively avoid it. I regularly tug at my shed hairs to determine if they need more protein.

Clarifying Shampoo - Once a month I use a clarifying shampoo before my regular shampoo.

Trimming - I trim my hair in twists once a season. I remove bushy, rough, or extremely tapered ends. This is trimming for people that do not care about "shape" or evenness. 
Wash and Go
I primarily wear my hair in a wash and go. This means raking a leave in and gel through my wet hair to define my natural curls. 

As much time as it takes to twist my hair for my trims, I wear the twists for quite some time. I may also take them down for a twist out.

If my hair fails me, a bun won't! 

Jumbo Twists
I like to wear these in updos. They're quick to do and won't tangle my hair.