Work With Me
I love a good, honest product review! I'm sure you do as well if you've clicked on this portion of my website. Let's work together to provide an awesome review for my viewers and put your product in front of a targeted audience.

Products For Consideration 
I do accept products for consideration of a review. Sending me products does not guarantee a review. I put my viewers first so I only  want to showcase products/items that I really enjoy on my channel. I would rather not do a review at all than create a negative review. Sending products for consideration does not hold me to a timeline or obligate me to send video for approval.

Sponsored Content
I am available for sponsored videos. Sponsored videos allow you to have more input in the content that I will create around your product/item/service. This can include any of the following:
  • Talking points
  • Video time table
  • Guaranteed video
  • Video review prior to publishing
Sponsored video does not guarantee a positive review. I will always be honest as this is best for me, you, and the viewer. Contact me to negotiate pricing for sponsored content.